Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows to make safe and fast online payments at relatively low cost.
Both depositing and withdrawal can easily be executed to your LuckyNiki account. First you need to have a bitcoin wallet where you can store your bitcoins and then purchase them with a credit card, bank transfer, at online bitcoin exchanges, over-the-counter services or bitcoin ATM.
For more information about Bitcoin click here

Download a secure Bitcoin wallet.

  1. Please sign up to your bitcoin wallet.
  2. Confirm your registration to the wallet from your email.
  3. Choose a payment method of your choice to purchase bitcoins.
  4. Follow the instructions and store the desired amount of bitcoins to your wallet.

How to fund your LuckyNiki account from Bitcoin?

  1. Please log into your LuckyNiki account.
  2. Go to “My Account” click deposit and choose Bitcoin.
  3. Fill the amount to fund your LuckyNiki account then click “deposit”
  4. The amount in Bitcoin, its address and QR code will appear.
  5. Please click on "open your bitcoin wallet" or "open Cubits" if you have a Cubits account.
  6. Transfer the amount using the bitcoin address given at the previous step.

Min deposit to LuckyNiki casino from Bitcoin is 20 USD/euro

Availability depends on your country