Payment by credit/debit card is a secure and easy way to make a deposit to your LuckyNiki account. The card holders name must match the name registered on your LuckyNiki account.

You'll be asked to enter your card details when you first use your card and this will allow you to make quicker deposits later on.

How to deposit to LuckyNiki casino with Visa credit card

  1. Please log in to casino, go to “My Account”, and choose credit card
  2. Please fill all the form, including player information, amount to deposit
  3. Please fill card information, including card holder information, card number, expire date, CVV2,
  4. you will get confirmation as Success.

Credit Card Deposits and Withdrawals:

Sometimes your deposit may be declined, if this happens there are a few things to take into consideration:

Is your card International?

The card qualifies as international if it has 16 digits on the front as the card number. If not, then your card may be local and you will need to apply to your bank for an international card or use a different deposit method.

Are you the card holder?

If you are the card holder, then there is no problem to deposit. If the card is a relatives or friends then they will need to fill our authorization form, and both of you send documentation.

Are your personal details for your account correct?

If your details are incorrect and your name does not match your credit card for example, this will create a problem. Always remember that when you supply accurate and correct details a deposit/withdrawal will be processed without a problem.

Do you have sufficient funds on your card?

When trying to make a deposit please remember to make sure you have sufficient funds in your credit card account, allowing for the exchange rate, as we process our funds in US Dollars.

Does your bank allow online purchases?

In some cases, you have to authorize your bank or credit card company to allow online purchases, if in doubt please double check with the card issuer.

Have you entered the correct expiry date?

This is located on the front of all cards. order is Month/ Year

Have you entered the correct CVV2 number?

This is located on the back of the card, you only asked to enter the last 3 digits.

Have you entered the full card number?

Always remember that all 16 digits need to be entered.One of the most common reasons for a declined deposit with your credit card is just mistyped information, so please always check before proceeding. If you have checked all the information and still receive a decline, then we recommend one of our alternative payment methods or contact our customer support by email, chat or phone.

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